About Us

About Us

Since the beginning in 2001 we have striven to optimise processes and carry out projects with a solid, professional and dedicated team.

BEIRA CORREIA, LDA was created in 2001 with the goal of setting up a dynamic operation in the plastics sector, namely in the food area (beverages and spirits).

The main goal was to implement new technologies and automation in the production processes, in order to offer our clients a competitive price/quality ratio. The close collaboration with our clients and understanding their needs remains the bases of our work and the focus of our efforts.

The implementation of the quality system complements the investment in the processes, equipment and diversification of products, leading to a rise in production capacity, quality and innovation.

Our young and dynamic team supports the development of prototypes (using 3D printing), technical drawing and monitoring during the creation of the tool/mould and start of production.


What motivates us

Supporting the development and production of products in a sustained and focused manner in order to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. We supply innovative solutions and products, with feasible deadlines and costs and using the latest technology, with special emphasis on quality. We seek to create synergies with our clients so as to understand their needs and to fully involve all the employees in the development and strategy of the company.